What Are Dimensional Roof Shingles?

Asphalt shingles are the top roofing material in the nation, mainly because they are so economical. With a vast assortment of styles and colors and styles, asphalt shingle roofs are a beautiful and low-cost way to bring new life to your home. One critique of shingles used to be that the blah and dull look made each roof appear the same. New days are ahead, thanks to the creation of dimensional shingles.


Dimensional Shingles: Pros

Dimensional shingles, also called laminated or architectural shingles, are asphalt shingles with flair. Shingles are layered, their power and thickness making them look more like wood or slate shakes. 

Standard asphalt shingles have three commonly spaced asphalt tabs, providing the roofing material with an extraordinarily repetitive pattern. Dimensional roof shingles sport two layers of shingle material fused. Though, random notches have been removed from the shingle, revealing the bottom layer. Amherst Roofing Services What Are Dimensional Roof Shingles

Due to the double-bonded layer, shingles mainly provide more shelter from hail and wind. First crafted in the 1970’s, these shingles appealed to lavish homeowners desiring a roofing material that looked like cedar but worked like asphalt.

The sturdiest grades endure up to 110 mph winds. These shingles also possess a longer lifespan, 40 years compared to 20 years for single layer shingles. Dimensional shingles work on several roof types and pitches. Similar to regular asphalt shingles, you can install these shingles anywhere. Additionally, these shingles deliver more aesthetically appealing than other models. Some HOA requires homes to have them. 


Dimensional Shingles: Cons

However, there are several cons to these shingles. For one, they are a tad pricier. The double-layer adds about 25% to the cost on average. Also, these shingles might be more vulnerable to algae and mildew because of the notches. Asphalt shingles are prone to mildew and mold because the shingle’s natural material is one of mold’s much-loved foods.

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