Skylight Replacement With A New Roof?

Below are a few reasons you should get skylight replacement service when you request a roof replacement job. 


Skylight Replacement Saves Money

Scheduling skylight replacement service when you replace your roof is the most economical and suitable thing to do. Most roofers will double the cost to make a return trip and replace your skylights. 


The Rewards and the Risks

Re-flashing cost for your skylights is somewhere between $200 – $600 per skylight. The price of a skylight replacement project is $800 to $1500, based on the skylight style. A somewhat more significant investment of new skylights and a new roof will cost less than tearing up your new roofing system to replace old skylights down the line.


Seal Failure

Amherst Roofing Services skylight replacement

Skylight being replaced

What happens if you replace your whole roof and don’t replace the skylights, and four months later, you have seal failure? You’ve got it. You have to replace that whole unit of shingles surrounding the skylight. All the messiness and noise that comes with a home renovation project will have to happen again. Avoid having to deal with this annoyance again. 


Old Skylights with a New Roof Create Leaks

Regardless of how competent your roofer might be, messing with that old skylight could create issues. Keeping skylights in the same spot only to have them leak later isn’t worth the hassle, especially if bothering the skylight itself could create the leaks.

Over time, building materials enlarge and contract. Numerous homeowners fail to realize that you have to take apart the skylight to re-flash the skylight partly. This practice could produce several issues in the structure of the skylights if they have begun to rust. 

Cheap plexiglass bubble skylights might break easily. Even top-quality skylights will buckle eventually. Deciding to re-flash instead of replacing could result in moisture buildup and leaks and pricey energy loss. 

Replacing your skylights along with your roof installation job ensures you won’t be compensating twice for a new roof. You can purchase the latest energy-saving skylight models that enhance your residence’s air comfort with natural ventilation. Call Amherst Roofing Services today to find out more information.