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A roofing repair contractor should have the expertise to take on any leak, gap, or repair concern. Unfortunately, all too often, a local Amherst, New York, roofer only knows how to install a new one.

Whether you need a repair, professional maintenance, replacement roofing or new installations, you can count on Amherst Roofing Services to complete them all. From emergency situations that can’t wait another second, to damage inspections and more, we can keep your roof looking its best.

We offer complete service options for homes, local businesses, new installation needs, and more, helping more people throughout the community in saving on repairs. When you need to know your system will last its longest, you can count on us each time.

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All Types of Roofing Services

Residential Roofing

Nothing remains under constant attack like your roofing system does every day. The sun and its ultraviolet rays, freezing winter blizzards, driving rain, and hurricane winds all keep it at risk for harm.

We can keep yours better prepared for ice, snow, wind, and the other elements, as well as install a new one that lasts for as long as possible. No other contractor team continues keeping your home safe like our experts.

Commercial Roofing

While you can always seem to find someone advertising a cheap new roof on your block, commercial roofing always winds up breaking the bank. Unfortunately, because you have enough to handle every day, you often don’t realize that problems exist.

Before minor repair issues become costly concerns, we can keep your roofing system in shape for less.  Hire us today for your best choice in commercial roofing services and save on quality results.


Emergency Roof Services

Sometimes, an issue is too severe to wait for someone to schedule you. Water gushing in from above collapsed sections, fallen tree damage and more all need to get addressed right away.

When you discover yourself in a pinch, you need to know that someone will be there for you when time is running out on your system. Keep your home protected from any emergency and choose us for immediate service responses.

Roof Repairs

How many times have you heard hail puncture through your roof as a meteor landed? Or, when was the last date you had an inspector scheduled to observe your system for leaks?

Whatever roofing repairs that your home needs, you can count on us to handle it all quickly. We remain the reliable choice for more repairs, including:

  • Roofing Leak Repair
  • New Installation
  • Replacement Systems
  • Emergency Roof Services
  • Roofing Inspection
  • And more options.

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Roof Installation

A roof system should last around 20 years, but there are plenty of ways to wind up needing one sooner than that.

Severe weather, sun damage, and daily wear and tear can leave yours more vulnerable than you may think.

The only way to set your system up for success is with the highest quality possible for new installations. Hire us and know you’re getting the most durable new roof around for less.



Why Choose Us?

You perform annual maintenance throughout your home’s interior, from new coats of paint, updated electronics, décor purchases and more. However, the areas that should take priority get ignored, becoming severe issues.

Your roofing system has hazards wearing it out all day, every day. It takes an experienced repair contractor to have the skills to handle any installation, repair or replacement, and we continue keeping more homes in the area safer each time.

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People spend hours reading product reviews, but they don’t always give their home the same level of care. When your house deserves the best in repair solutions, you need to contact us.

No one else completes more jobs for less than Amherst Repair Services.