What Are Synthetic Shingles?

Synthetic shingles refer to roofing products that duplicate asphalt shingles, wood shakes, clay tiles, slate, metal panels, concrete tiles, and wood shingles. The chief ingredient in synthetic roof coverings is recycled plastic and rubber. Synthetic shingles have been around since 1993. 


Synthetic Shingles: Advantages

There are a couple of advantages to using synthetic shingles when compared to their standard counterparts. For example, these slates weigh significantly less than natural slate. The decrease in weight means you can install synthetic slate over regular roof decks. 

Some synthetics are resistant to algae, hail, and mold. Many synthetic cedar shingle and shake manufacturers assert labor savings since anti-algae coatings, and fire retardants aren’t in the product.


Synthetic Shingles: Drawbacks

Regardless of the advantages, there are some substantial drawbacks. Synthetic roofs are relatively new, and there isn’t a Amherst Roofing Services What Are Synthetic Shinglesverified track record about their performance. Dyes and coloring agents are in several synthetic products.

Therefore, It’s unclear whether these materials will be less flexible or more brittle in the long run. 

Moreover, standard building codes do not recognize any synthetic roof coverings. It would be best if you talked with your local building department before installing roof products. Because of these reasons, exercise carefulness when using these shingles.


Synthetic Shingles: Background 

Synthetic slate shingles are sturdier than genuine slate. The synthetic products contain innovative ultraviolet inhibitors to diminish wear from the sun.

Authentic slate shingles have been the top roofing material choice for years in America and Europe for cathedrals, estate residences, and libraries. The exquisiteness of authentic slate comes at a high price, though, when it comes to installation, production, and durability. 

Genuine slate shingles are fragile to cut and nail, costly to quarry, heavy to lift for installation and transport, and breaks easily installed.

These shingles are a new improvement on a construction masterpiece. Created from a blend of rubber and plastic, synthetic slate emulates the distinctiveness and gorgeousness of authentic slate without the installation headaches or high price tags. Lastly, these roof shingles last a long time.

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