What Are The Types Of Cedar Shingles

With cedar shingles, there’s no settling for conventional roofing materials. After all, your home deserves better than the ordinary. With the different cedar wood shingles, homeowners have several options for choosing a roof that satisfies their preferences for style, appearance, and price. These characteristics classify the types of shingles available for your roof.


Cedar Shingles Wood Types

The two principal types of cedar wood used in constructing roofing systems are white cedar and red cedar. Red cedar is the more expensive of the two since it’s very high quality. This factor is essential when contemplating cedar wood for the roofing of your house. The most well-liked type is Western red cedar shingles. In addition to its endurance and durability, Western red cedar wood is resistant to bugs and decay and can tolerate changing climates and temperatures.

White cedar is more affordable than red cedar. Certain white wood types, like Eastern white cedar, are resistant to rot and won’t crack.


Shingle Types

Cedar shingles, cut from wood blocks, come in two types: sanded and Amherst Roofing Services What Are The Types Of Cedar Shinglessawn. Professionals cut sawn shingles to look like cedar shakes, but with a tailored appearance. Sawn shingles are perfect for homeowners who desire a classier rustic look. Both sides of sanded shingles are smoother than standard shingles and favored by homeowners wanting a more polished appearance for their roofing system.

These shingles come in assortments of widths, thickness, and lengths to offer a customized look. For homeowners wanting a handcrafted, distinct roof, try these roofing shingles


Shingle Color Types

Regardless if you pick white or red cedar, cedar roofing delivers a beautiful natural look, even as it matures. Enrich the hue of these shingles by selecting from a vast range of stains. These stains offer your roof a unique color effect while still letting the wood’s natural texture and grain be noticeable. The accessibility of different color stains provides homeowners with numerous design choices when matching their siding to their roof color.

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