Is Moss On My Roof A Problem?

To know how to deal with the problem of moss on your roof, learn what it is. You also must know how it spreads. 


What is Moss?

Moss is a non-vascular plant that gets water via its leaves. Therefore, moss must have a wet environment to survive. Moss typically grows on north-facing roof planes that get no direct sunlight. Overhanging tree limbs offer more shade in hot weather. However, these limbs also drop debris on the roof that works as a food source for moss.

Moss can be harmful to asphalt shingles. In severe cases, moss build-up may cause lateral water movement causing moisture damage or leaks to the roof.


Cleaning Moss off of Your Roof

Amherst Roofing Services Cleaning moss on roof

The most efficient technique for cleaning moss is with a mixture of ½ water and ½ bleach. Spray the solution on the roof surface, let it sit for 20 minutes, and rinse. Try not to let the solution dry completely. Take correct precautions to shield your landscape from the solution. 

Moss will come loose over time and later eliminated with a leaf blower. In extreme cases, it could require two or more treatments to get rid of all the moss. Don’t ever use a power washer to clean moss off a roof. This technique will cause premature failure of your roofing system.


Some Steps to Deter Moss Growth:

  • Pruning tree branches back to let more sunshine get to the roof and diminish debris accumulation will deliver an environment less inviting for such growth
  • Dirt that starts to collect on the roof must be cleared with a leaf blower using a non-abrasive technique
  • Airflow must be aimed down the slope to stop driving debris beneath the edges of the shingles.

Other preventative measures, such as adding zinc strips to prevent moss, can be used when it is time for a roof replacement project. 


Professional Help for Your Roof

Moss on roofs is an unappealing pain. Moss build-up may lead to shingles coming off abruptly if left unchecked. If moss becomes visible, clean the roof with a water and bleach solution to stop the spread to nearby rooftops. Call and make an appointment with Amherst Roofing to get the work done professionally.