How To Clean Your Gutters From The Ground

Gutters are vital in keeping water from your home. However, to do their job correctly, they must be free of clogging debris. Luckily, you have several options for learning how to clean your gutter from the ground. You can be safe and put your ladder away.

Of all evils that go into a meticulous fall maintenance routine, cleaning the gutters might be the most feared of all. Tedious though this job is, Amherst, NY residential owners are wise not to overlook it. Accurately functioning gutters guarantee that rainwater does not go inside your home. 

Leaves are simple enough to clean out of your gutters. But, if your gutters fill with small seedlings or decomposed organic matter, an aggressive gutter cleaning technique might be in order. 

Below are some useful, everyday ways to clean gutters:Amherst Roofing Services how to clean gutters


How to Clean Gutters from the Ground with a Leaf Blower

A good number of leaf blowers come with a nozzle attachment made to discharge a stream of air. This tool is ideal for gutter cleaning. If you are worried about climbing a ladder, a specialized attachment is available that extends your leaf blower.


Use a Wet/Dry Vacuum

To remove weightier debris from your gutters, try a wet/dry vacuum. You need the extension attachment to reach your gutters from the ground. Stuck-on debris might need dampening before using the vacuum. After removing the majority of the material, flush the gutters with water from your garden hose.


Use a Garden Hose

You can clean your gutters from the ground using a garden hose. However, your gutters can’t have any clogs. Your garden hose needs the correct attachment for you to stand on the ground. To clean, begin at the spot furthest away from the downspout. Flush out the channel. Using your hand, take out any residual material before it dries out.

Think about putting a barrier or screen (gutter guards) on top of your gutters. Gutter guards stop debris and leaves from accumulating. You can always contact us at Amherst Roofing to schedule a residential gutter cleaning job.