How To Clean Roof Shingles On Your House

Asphalt roof shingles come with a vast range of various benefits. They are an excellent choice for numerous residential property owners around the country. If you need to know how to clean roof shingles, there are a couple of crucial points you need to keep in mind.


How to Clean Roof Shingles

Most cleaning methods for asphalt roofs necessitate the use of some chemicals. This rule is particularly true if you’re dealing with algae stains and other debris problems. Be sure you don’t use abrasive chemicals. You can shorten the life of your roof tiles. 

Use a product specifically made not only to remove algae and moss, but one that is safe to use on asphalt roof shingles.Amherst Roofing Services Learn how to clean roof shingles

You might want to install a sheet of either zinc or copper-coated sheet metal along each side of your asphalt shingle roof. This addition will alter the environment on your roof to make less fitting for moss and algae growth.


If You Don’t Clean Your Roof

In addition to preventable wear and tear on your roof tiles from the weather, the main concern that you will have if you don’t consistently clean your asphalt shingle roof is moss growth. As moss thickens and grows on your roof, it will push up the shingles.

Not only does this allow debris to collect in spots, it doesn’t belong, but it also encourages water buildup. Waste and water buildup not only shortens the lifespan of your roof, but it also makes a leaky roof a real possibility. 

Black algae and similar types of problems are also very commonplace on asphalt roofs that are not correctly maintained. Consistently cleaning your roof must be a top priority in the life of any residential property owner. 


Other Tips for a Clean Roof 

Besides general cleaning, there are numerous other things that you can do to cut down on issues with your asphalt roof. If any tree limbs are on your roof, trim them whenever you can. Trimming creates an environment that is typically less suited for the growth of moss and algae.

Also, you want to clean all the debris off your roof with a leaf blower or other system. Don’t forget your gutters. Call us at Amherst Roofing and let our roofing contractors safely clean your roof off for you.